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Wireless India

India based company Pyroson is wireless communications services provider which provide, sell and deliver services to the clients. The services include radio spectrum allocation, wireless network infrastructure, back haul infrastructure, installation, licenses, customer care, providing and repairing products. This wireless company of India provides a complete suite of wireless engineering and product services to supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance Services.

  • Project Plan preparation
  • Installations
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Survey Report

Project Plan preparation
Technology is rapidly growing and changing, new products and companies coming in market everyday and their serviceability adds to the confusion to make a right choice. Pyroson provides proper consultation clients selecting right technology or product and design a solution for:
• Implementation
• Trouble shooting, workshop/onsite maintenance
• Up gradation of existing redundant systems.
• Communication system design & Engineering
• System Design-RF/VHF/UHF/Microwave/Satellite

Pyroson provides installation services
List of Wireless materials
1. Mast:
Length & Size of Mast depends upon Survey report. Normally 30 to 50 feet telescopic mast is used for range up-to 50 to 60 km.
2. Antenna Cable:
Generally 30 meter cable is provided for a fix station installation but it varies with location and distance of mast from equipment.
3. Antenna:
For normal communication 0 db gain antenna is used but if the signal strength either transmission or receiving is poor then 3 db, 6db, 6.5 db, 7.4 db gain antennas are used to improve the signals.
4. Battery:
To maintain 24 hrs uninterrupted continuous communication in case of electric supply failure, a 12 volt 15 AHC battery can be installed with Installation. It provides 36 hours stand by power. Battery is charged with connected power supply system.
5. Civil work:
In the Installation no civil work is required. In case of roof top or mast installation, a plain area is not available some civil infrastructure is availed by customer in their guidance.

Maintenance and Repairing Services
They undertake onsite and offsite maintenance and repairing services. As one of the leading Company, their veritable technical expertise coupled with up-to-date knowledge of products empower them to give clients the most dependable and efficient solutions that meet their clients requirements. Their maintenance department is equipped with experienced and trained engineers. They use high quality branded component and gadgets.
They also undertake Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).
They can design special fixed rates for repairs for corporate customers.

Survey Report Services
• Customer need analysis
• Need fulfillment feasibility studies
• Topology serves/studies

Pyroson is dedicated to exceeding their clients' expectations. The wireless provider and service company have a expert technical team to survey clients operational/working area in India. Through survey the team technically assesses the requirements and of operational and installation area to determine the actual list of materials (with appropriate capacity) to be used in installation. The highly qualified team, possesses the skills necessary to complete clients' surveying project on time and according to budget.

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