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1. Wireless Product Range
Motorola products range (Models)

A. Two Way Radio Products (Models)

. Mobile Radios . Base Station . Repeater

Motorola Accessorie:

B. Accessories (Motorola)

. Antenna . Batteries . Audio . Chargers

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Motorola products range (Models)

C. Vertex Products Range
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Motorola Accessories:

2. Industrial Electronics Products

Pyroson Electronics provides following Wireless and Industrial Products:

  • Perfect communication Solution
  • Instantaneous and Economical Communication
  • Full range products
  • Greater Affordability
  • Mobile Radios
  • Repeaters
  • Controllers
  • Duplexers
  • Mounting Accessories
  • Battery Revert Module
  • Radio Accessories

Perfect communication Solution
They are smart professionals and business owners to understand that reliable communication is essential to success. Reliable communication is an essential part of any effective communication. Whether clients need to provide a fast and dependable access for the office, clients' entire building or on the road, their wireless access solutions will provide clients complete solution so they can get the job done with the peace of mind at an economical price. And that's exactly what two-way radio delivers. Efficient two-way radio lets clients talk with one, ten, or one hundred people at the touch of a button–without costly airtime charges. Two-way radio provides the individual and team contact clients need to maximise productivity and meet the demands of clients' customers–the first time and every time.

Instantaneous and Economical Communication
Two way radios are a popular tool to improve work efficiencies. For work and pleasure, two-way radios and industrial products are a tool of choice for those who want instantaneous communication. Unlike with telephones, the user does not need to dial a long number, wait to be connected and for the call to be answered. Push-to-talk technology allows users to speak to an individual or a group of work partners or friends immediately and economically. Keeping Staff coordinated, accountable and prepared is a necessity and a two way radio is the only tool available which allows for constant, immediate communication. Two-way radios and electronic products are always portable, fitted into a vehicle or desk-based and can be tailored to suit clients requirements by reflecting the way clients work or play.

Full range products
Pyroson offers a full range of Wireless and Industrial products and provides a variety of services ranging from intra campus wireless radios and other industrial products with a minimum required range to long distance using the latest digital radio technology suitable for mission-critical no compromise applications. And since they realise that the radio is only half the story, they have a great selection of headsets, earpieces, carry cases and intelligent energy solutions to make them even easier to use.

Greater Affordability
Their prices are extremely competitive. They are here to bring clients great service and flexibility. They also offer a careful needs analysis by their professional staff to ensure getting a system that fits clients needs. They bring a wide range of items by the leading companies. High quality products and service to prevent costly downtime and miscommunications. Their vast inventory of brand-name parts and accessories, allowing them to deliver most equipment immediately. They offer number of special options that make it easy to benefit from their products and services.

Mobile Radios
Mobile Two-Way Radios are vehicle-mounted wireless devices that are used to send voice or data messages one-to-one or one-to-many over radio frequencies within a local area, city, or state. Two-way radios are typically used to ensure that users can maintain constant communication. Mobile radios are commonly used in industries such as: taxi and limousine services, heating and air (HVAC), in-home appliance, rescue, police, fire and more. They are often installed on the dash of a vehicle, and can run off its power source. They are used by someone who doesn't need to communicate away from their vehicle. Mobile radios may be combined in a wireless radio communication system with Portable Two-Way Radios (hand-held wireless devices that run off an internal battery).

Sometimes radio systems require the use of a repeater. A repeater increases the range and capabilities of clients portable or mobile radio communications so that people are able to communicate faster and easier than before. The most important advancement is solving coverage problems quickly and easily. They can communicate, no matter where they are. People can also be easily made into a Base Station allowing a desktop operator to communicate with other radios in the field.

Controllers offer a range of options to accommodate clients market and application requirements.Controllers guarantee continuous communication with redundant configurations. A unidirectional configuration provides added range for radios on widespread worksites. Controllers provides talkgroups individual channels for private and secure communication. A bidirectional configuration can temporarily join two separate groups during critical situations. Unidirectional crossband provides the capability to monitor frequencies such as weather or road condition channels, and bidirectional crossband can temporarily join two groups that normally operate on different frequency bands.

Let clients use just one antenna for both transmitting and receiving signals. Electrically a duplexer is a device using sharply tuned resonate circuits to isolate a transmitter from a receiver. The use of a duplexer is more cost effective than two antennas and feed lines, and can better equalise the transmit and receive ranges to improve radio communications.

Mounting Accessories
They provide Mounting Accessories those are available for the all products such as a mounting plate which allows the repeater to be installed in a rack. Internal Mounting Space for additional components - Allows preselectors, duplexers and battery revert modules to be installed internally. For wall-mounting, an optional mounting plate is also available.

Battery Revert Module
Battery Revert Module is available for the various products Antennas - are available to offer clients flexibility in size and calling range. Increase the capabilities and range of clients mobile and portable radios with the repeater. It provides the flexibility of power levels, frequency bands, and mounting requirements in a wide variety of applications.

Radio Accessories
Pyroson provides Radio Accessories including a compact desktop microphone, emergency switch, tone or DC are available for dispatch applications. External speakers are available for use in noisy environments.

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